Facebook & Google Compete Again

Posted by Hayley Mason

Logging unto my computer, my two most visited websites are Facebook and Google.  But the two companies aren’t just competing on my laptop, but on millions of Internet users, as they are “two of the top five visited websites”.

Now Facebook’s newest addition to the site, Facebook Places, is adding to the competition.  While most Facebook users may see the application as simply a way to tell their friends where they are and what they are doing, local businesses are swooping in to capitalize on the advertising capabilities the application brings.

Facebook Places will offer many of the same features as Google Places, listing local businesses, connecting users to the businesses’ websites, and supplying directions and maps to the chosen locale.

Although many of my friends use Four Square, a very similar application to “check in” to different locations on their cell phones or Facebook pages, it is clearly not seen as the same type of competition to Google. Four Square also adds somewhat of a gaming element to checking into various locations, rewarding badges and titles to the people checking into them most often.

But it was only after Facebook launched their new Places application, did Google intensify their blogging and public relations of their Places app.  The company has begun putting more emphasis on the fact that Places is their “most used mobile application” on Google Search.

Which website do you think will have more traffic to their Places application?  Why is Four Square not seen as, as much competition to Google?

Check out both applications at: http://www.google.com/places and http://www.facebook.com/places


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