Google’s Instant Update

In the age of constant information streams, automatic answers, and status updates, companies are looking for ways to make the information search even faster than before. Google has recently unveiled its new interface, with an automatic update and search of what you are typing in to the search bar. No longer do people need to wait to type in the entire word before their website is located by the new Google search. People can see the changes in their search with every letter they type. Google’s new approach only needs one or two words in the search bar typed before relevant websites appear on the screen. If what someone is looking for has not been found, they simply need to continue typing. Google changes its search with every new letter, constantly updating the search without anyone having to press enter.
But how much of a difference does it really make? Google’s search speed was less than a second before its newly renovated home page, which made it the most used search engine of the last decade according to the Nielsen Netratings Search Engine Ratings.
Now, more than ever, companies feel forced to keep up with the constant changes in technology to become or create the biggest, fastest, most popular trend of the year. Google has grown because of its sensitivity to what the consumer wants as the next “big thing.” So far, Google has been able to succeed by keeping up with the public’s demands. Now we just have to wait and wonder what Google will think of next.

For the Nielsen Netratings:


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