New BlackBerry App Speeds Up Starbucks Trip

Posted by Hilary Dietz

As I struggle to remain awake while I write this, the only thing that comes to mind is that I need a jolt of caffeine. Coffee has become my latest obsession. Sit me in a comfy chair after an early morning row and I might as well call it a day.

This new yearning for coffee has made me realize why there is a Starbucks on every corner. Just when we thought there were no more corners for one of the leading coffee retailers to occupy, the chain opens yet another shop. This time on a BlackBerry. An article from US Banker reports the newest trend among BlackBerry users. They can make their trip for coffee even more hassle-free than it already is. Simply download the application, load money onto the account, and run into select Starbucks stores with phone in hand. Coffee guzzlers can forget about bringing a purse or wallet to the nearest Starbucks when they have an account barcode at the touch of a button.

In this day and age everyone has a smart phone glued to an ear. It is surprising BlackBerry users waited so long to jump on the bandwagon. Apple successfully introduced a similar app last year that allows users to create a mobile account to pay for their routine coffee breaks. The idea is the same as having money loaded on a Starbucks gift card but without the hassle of keeping the card with you at all times. The new app is a way to ease the transaction process and speed up your time in line. So go ahead, add another app to that smart phone.


3 responses to “New BlackBerry App Speeds Up Starbucks Trip

  1. I definitely should not have read your post. Now that I know I can pay for coffee with my iPhone my bank account is going to take an even bigger hit. Did you hear that Starbucks switched over from their Gold Membership Program to a new rewards program? And I’m pretty sure the new one is free. Win win? I think so.

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