Assignment for Sept. 14 (TR class only)

Posted by Jill Van Wyke
  1. Quick Quiz: Tricky words, spelling, readings (Working With Words, Coaching Writers, Writers Tools)
  2. Read and comment on “The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly,” continuing our discussion of chapter 4 in “Coaching Writers.” Please comment and respond by 6 p.m. Monday.
  3. Read “Writing Tools” 9 and 10.
  4. Bring one example of writing from a newspaper, magazine or book that either exemplifies one of Clark’s first 10 writing tools or violates it. For example, you could bring in a sentence that holds together nicely because the subject and verb are placed early in it. Or, you could bring in a weak sentence that suffers from having the subject and verb placed too deeply in it. You could find a passage with sentences that place emphatic words at the beginning or end. Or, you could find an entire article that is overly reliant on weak adverbs or passive voice. Bring only one example drawn from the first 10 tools (not examples of all 10).

Looking ahead…

Blog posts

  • Sept. 13, Goodwin, Carl, Collins
  • Sept. 14, Krstulic, Landes, Hall
  • Sept. 15, Kowalski, Mason
  • Sept. 16 Mataloni, Moran

AP Style Stars

  • Sept. 13, Abby W. and Jessica A.
  • Sept. 15, Greg B.
  • Sept. 16, Megan B. and Hilary D.

Looking Aheader…

Sept. 23: Exam


One response to “Assignment for Sept. 14 (TR class only)

  1. My goal is always to get the reader to read my entire article. I picked up a tip from Ken Fuson when he talked to my J-98 class last year. He advised planting seeds of information early in the article and returning to them, as promised, later. Readers will more likely read from beginning to end if they get something out of the article, such as interesting information. I keep this in mind while I write.

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