Assignment for Sept. 1/2

Posted by Jill Van Wyke
  1. Read Tools No. 3 and 4 in “Writing Tools.”
  2. Review (or read, if you haven’t already) chapter 3 in “Coaching Writers,” How To Consult With Reporters.
  3. Learn (or review) the common proofreading symbols. They are in the back inside cover of “Working With Words” and also in the back of the AP Stylebook (on p. 459 in the 2010 edition).
  4. Make sure you have author access to post an original post to the class blog (not just comment).
  5. Twitter:
  • Follow at least three news organizations. One must be @dmregister. One must be a national news outlet, such as @nytimes, @nprnews, @washingtonpost or @cnn. The other(s) are up to you. You may want to follow your hometown newspaper, for example.
  • Follow at least three magazines.
  • If you don’t have any Twitter lists of your own, start a list on a subject of your choice. You could aggregate tweets on fashion, the Broncos, news from your hometown, U2, writing, humor, Drake, college media, Harry Potter, etc. Choose a topic that will provide some sort of value for you.  For ideas, check out whom your peers in J70 are following. Here are instructions for creating Twitter lists.

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