Assignment for Aug. 30/31

Here is your assignment for Monday/Tuesday. It looks like a lot, but the readings are fairly short.

Don’t fret the quiz. It’ll be short and will be one of many we’ll take. You won’t live or die on the results of one quiz. The point of the quizzes is to find out what we do and don’t know before it really counts on an exam. The numerous quizzes, lab exercises and editing homework count, in total, for 15 percent of your semester grade.

1. “Working With Words”

  • Chapter 1, Grammar Basics. Pay heed to those five key principles of grammar.
  • Chapter 2, Phrases, Clauses and Sentences. Make sure you know:
    • the difference between essential and nonessential phrases/clauses and how to punctuate them;
    • what a compound sentence is and how to punctuate it;
    • what a fragment, fused sentence, comma-splice and run-on sentence are.

2. “Coaching Writers”

  • chapter 3, “How To Consult With Reporters.” Be prepared to discuss in class.

3. “Writing Tools”

  • Tools 1 and 2

4. Twitter

  • Fill out your bio and upload an image to your profile. It doesn’t have to be a picture of you, if you’re not comfortable with that. It can be a stylized image, a logo, an image of something that represents you. See @amklaassen, @irewrite, @DaveWilcoxUW for examples. (@amklaassen is a Drake magazine alumna who is executive editor of Advertising Age.)
  • Follow the J70 class list. To do that, sign in to Twitter. Go to . Above the first tweet, click on “Follow this list.”

Go to your Twitter home page. On the right-side navigation, below the search box, there should now be a link to @jillvanwyke/j70. Clicking on that link will show you all the tweets from people in J70.

  • Follow @APStylebook, @GrammarGirl, @RoyPeterClark, @donaldkfry. If you don’t mind coarse language and bad taste, follow @FakeAPStylebook.
  • Search the #j70 hashtag and see what’s happening.

Refer to Mashable’s Twitter Guide Book if you need help.

Professor Leslie Jean Thornton’s Twitter cheat sheet is also helpful. She uses it with her #bcX class at Arizona State. It explains RT, @, via, h/t and hashtags.  If you find it helpful, you should tweet her a thanks at @ljthornton, using #j70 and #bcX hashtags

4. Quick online quiz (on Blackboard) on Working With Words, Writing Tools, Twitter.


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