Assignment for Aug. 25/26

Posted by Jill Van Wyke

Your assignment for Wednesday/Thursday:

  • please read the online syllabus carefully by clicking on the tabs above — About this Site, Class Introduction, Objectives, Assignments, Grading and Policies, and Schedule. Bring a list of five things you think are important to know about succeeding in this class. Also bring any questions you have.
  • please read the SPJ Code of Ethics (or PDF), and highlight any statements that you think apply specifically to editors.
  • in “Coaching Writers,” please read pages 1-3 of the Introduction, and chapters 1-2. Then read my blog post “Who’s in Control?” Post your response by 8 p.m. tomorrow to the questions posed there; then return to the post to read classmates’ comments and respond to them. (That’s by Tuesday evening for the MW class; by Wednesday evening for the TR class.)
  • Create a Twitter account if you don’t have one. Follow me (@jillvanwyke) and the j-school (@DrakeJMC). You don’t have to tweet anything (yet), but if you do, please use the #j70 hashtag. If you’re new to Twitter, read Mashable’s Twitter Guide Book.

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