What’s the biggest story of 2009?

AP asks, "What's the biggest story of 2009?"

This year has been one to remember — what a way to end a decade that TIME called “The Decade from Hell.”

But what stories defined this year? What story was the most important? The Associated Press created a list on Facebook for users to vote on the biggest story. We’ll soon know what how the nation views these stories, but how do you? Listed here are those headlines. What are your top ten significant stories of 2009?

  • U.S. economy: joblessness persists despite stimulus package, massive bailouts.
  • Zimbabwe: Friction, violence persist despite power-sharing pact.
  • Kansas abortion doctor George Tiller slain at church.
  • US Airways plane makes miraculous crash landing in Hudson River.
  • Jaycee Dugard reunited with family 18 years after her childhood abduction.
  • President Obama wins Nobel Peace Prize.
  • Hoax alleged after “boy in balloon” reports in Colorado.
  • Sen. Edward Kennedy, last of famed brothers, dies of brain cancer.
  • Michael Jackson dies; his doctor is investigated.
  • South Carolina’s married governor admits to affairs with Argentine woman.
  • Swine flu: toll mounts worldwide, vaccine runs short.
  • Iran: Elections spark internal protests; nuclear program worries outside world.
  • Same-sex marriage legalization in Iowa, Vermont, New Hampshire; rejected in Maine.
  • Health care overhaul: Democrats wrestle with historic changes as GOP resists.
  • Barack Obama sworn in as 44th U.S. president, confronts array of challenges.
  • American ship captain rescued after seizure by Somali pirates.
  • Afghanistan: spreading violence, disputed election as U.S. ponders its role.
  • Honduran president ousted in coup, struggles to regain office.
  • Auto industry: General Motors, Chrysler file for bankruptcy; GM’s CEO ousted.
  • Drug-related violence wracks Mexico; death toll for 2009 passes 7,000.
  • Obama intervenes after police arrest black Harvard scholar.
  • Sarah Palin resigns as Alaska governor; huge sales for her book.
  • Air France jet en route from Brazil to Paris crashes in Atlantic with 228 aboard.
  • Bernard Madoff gets 150-year prison term for multibillion-dollar Ponzi scheme.
  • Fort Hood shooting rampage: disgruntled Army psychiatrist kills 13.
  • Sri Lanka: government defeats Tamil rebels after 25-year civil war.
  • Pakistan: Violence spreads as shaky government tries to rein in Taliban.
  • Climate change: pressure for action ahread of global conference in Denmark.
  • Iraq: Bombings, political woes as US pulls out of cities ahead of full withdrawal.

So, what’s the biggest story this year? Vote on your top 10 and visit AP’s poll too.


7 responses to “What’s the biggest story of 2009?

  1. Iowa, Iran, Fort Hood, Obama, and Kansas (for personal and local reasons) top my list.

    What’s NOT on my list? Balloon boy.

  2. The Fort Hood TERRORIST attack.

  3. I would say Iran and how it was covered (twitter, citizen journalist, etc.)

  4. mattvasilogambros

    Obama, Economy, Iran, Afghanistan, Madoff, Kennedy, health care, Iowa, auto industry and THE SWIIIIINE!!!!

  5. I would say : Health care, Economy, Afghanistan, Obama, Kennedy and the Swine flu…….

  6. thegeekswereright

    Overall, I’d say Obama for sure. He’s made a lot of these headlines reality.

  7. I’m surprised that no one has mentioned the death of Michael Jackson, The King of Pop. I don’t think you can blow him off as just an entertainment story. He was big business, and faced numerous charges of child abuse.

    (And as an academic story, it’s a good look at TMZ as a news source — are they credible? Did you trust the news of Jackson’s death when they were the only ones reporting it?)

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