Tiger Woods’ silence may be a successful publicity tactic

When it comes to publicity crisis, Tiger Woods may have proven that silence is golden.

Or…maybe that vagueness is a virtue.

Woods’ silence, which was followed by hazy statements about his private “transgressions,” was initially criticized by the media. But now, the criticism has died down. New headlines have replaced those of his scandal, and Woods has even garnered support for his personal strife.

While Woods and his family are likely still struggling with his scandal, the media have more or less moved past it. This wouldn’t be possible if not for two things: 1) Woods’ previously squeaky-clean image, and 2) his silence. Besides his recent thanks to those who supported his tournament, he’s been blaringly quiet about the situation. That may leave the public wondering what he’s hiding, but it also gives them nothing on which to feed.

Maybe Woods’ has discovered the secret: Especially in the media, things pass with time. And whether we like it or not, he has a right to keep his private life to himself–even though he is a public figure. But the loose ends will find ways to be tied. Recently, a witness to Woods’ accident claimed that Woods had been drinking when he crashed. I’m interested to see how he handles that situation.

Do you think Woods’ silence helps or hurts his image? Or, with the media and public’s short-term memory, does it matter?


5 responses to “Tiger Woods’ silence may be a successful publicity tactic

  1. I would actually have to disagree with this a little bit. I’m kind of a celebrity gossip junky, and for the past week, every time I log onto my favorite celebrity news sites I am assaulted with Tiger Woods updates. I would agree though that when I go to more mainstream sites, I’ve been seeing less and less about Woods. I think it just depends on the type of news you’re watching or reading. Even if celebrity gossip is trashy at times, I still think it’s news.

  2. That’s true. I read somewhere that this puts Tiger on Jon and Kate status–it definitely depends on the media source. And I’m not really into the celeb media, which explains why I haven’t seen much on it!

  3. Celebrities do take news time in media dedicated to them. In mainstream media, there is less attention focused to celebrity-life. I think Woods made it easier on himself and his family, because avoidance often dissipates situations. In his case, this was true. Though, avoidance can lead to exaggeration or misinformation.
    Leave people to their own thoughts, and they will make their own conclusions, not producing the best result.
    Woods’ silence avoided this in mainstream media, in my opinion.

    • Even though Tiger is keeping quiet, I cannot wait to see if his wife does. Right now I’m much more interested in what she has to say about everything.

  4. What I’m about to say should be taken with a grain of salt. Celebrity blogger Perez Hilton says that Woods should just man up and say what’s going on–whatever it may be. According to Hilton, once Woods comes clean he’ll simply go back to being a boring golf pro athlete and the media will forget about him. And I hate to say it, but I agree with it. For Woods to keep silent, it’s making matters worse. But if I were in the same situation as he was, I can’t necessarily say I’d do anything different. So who knows?

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