The 12 Tweets of Christmas

Photo by: Chatirygirl, Flikr, Creative Commons

With the Christmas quickly approaching, you’re likely to be fighting crowds to find the perfect gifts this holiday season. The current state of your wallet might also have you fighting the urge to splurge.

In an effort to promote wise spending decisions, the Federal Trade Commission has posted a list of tips using—What else?—Twitter.

The FTC’s post, The 12 Tweets of Christmas, includes several cutesy pointers:

  • “Jingle sells. Don’t take a check for more than your selling price; don’t wire back the extra. It’s a scam.”
  • “Make a list and check it twice. If it costs money – gifts, cards, wrapping paper, parking or snacks – add it to your budget.”
  • “Ho Ho NO? Sites promising easy credit – no matter what – are tempting for a shopping spree but chances are they’re scams.”

This is just one of the efforts the U.S. government is making to connect with Americans. There are currently Twitter pages for all three branches, as well as past and present representatives.

Tweets aren’t just for raising awareness. They’re also helping raise funds. Obama used Twitter to rake in serious campaign cash in 2008. From saving green to making green, it looks like our government is riding the Twitter train.

Re-Tweet the sounding joy–What’s your opinion? Could this be the start of a legislative e-volution? Would you be more likely to follow politics using social media?


2 responses to “The 12 Tweets of Christmas

  1. This is crazy, but a really neat idea. With so much government tweeting going on, I want to know when the President of the United States is going to start tweeting? And what would the president tweet about??

  2. I think this is a great idea. An article like this in the paper could have been really long and really boring. By using Twitter to get the word out, the entire thing is short, snappy, and slightly funny—which is always a pleasure to read. By the way, I loved your “Re-Tweet with sounding joy.” Very clever!

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