Google to combine real-time posts with their trademark relevancy

Google’s quest to take over the world will take a giant leap forward in the next few days as the world’s dominant search engine is trying to take the emerging real-time tools on the web and make them searchable and relevant.

Google announced on their official blog Tuesday that they will combine public posts on social networks — such as Twitter and MySpace — and blog posts to allow users to be able to view the most recent and relevant posts on the Internet. The tool will also include news stories, which is similar to their current Google News search engine.

The real-time posts will appear along with regular search results, but in a separate box. This section of a search is called “latest results,” and will continually produce results even after the search is complete. Users also have the option of pausing the real-time feed. Also like Google News, the “latest results” section will try to offer not just the most recent posts, but the most relevant recent posts. notes that this is Google’s first attempt to utilize the deal they recently struck with Twitter to have access to searching public Tweets. They also cut deals with Facebook, FriendFeed, Jaiku, MySpace and and will feature updates from those sites as well.

If a user wants to sort results by site, they can do so by clicking on the “latest results” feed, which will then open a new window that features news results, blog posts, Tweets, and other web content. You can then decide if you only want to view Twitter update, Facebook status updates, etc.

If Google succeeds, they could not only revolutionize their own search engine, but the way people find quick real-time content on the web. Having real-time updates in one place is what turned so many people on to Twitter in the first place. Google’s goal is to weed through the sea of information to bring the most relevant and important posts to searchers. So the question is: do you think Google will succeed? What other online innovations might come out of this new search tool? Is search relevancy the new step that social media needs to take?


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