A ‘Cursed’ Magazine Closes

InStyle Weddings, the number one wedding magazine, is closing. The last issue comes out Christmas Day. The magazine focuses on the details of celebrity weddings. Its readers love to see what flowers their favorite star chose or what her dress looked like. With the changing bridal market, people can now get these tips and ideas from famous as well as regular weddings on the Internet through blogs. Once again, people don’t feel the need to have one expert source. They are becoming  or finding their own experts!

The New York Times called it the curse of the InStyle Wedding when featured stars’ weddings or engagements were later called off. The same fear I felt when Gourmet, the number one food magazine, shut down is coming back. How can these magazines that are supposedly number one just die? It doesn’t seem right. I know we’ve asked this before, but is there any hope for print?


3 responses to “A ‘Cursed’ Magazine Closes

  1. I think there is hope for print–I mean there’s gotta be, right? Yeah some prominent magazines have folded in the last couple of months, but a majority of them are still holding strong. If anything other magazines should view these closings as a threat to their lives–for the same may become of them if they don’t step their game up, and fast.

    I will admit it’s scary, but I don’t think there is a curse on print media. It will make a comeback in time–I’m willing to bet on that.

  2. I guess this just means if I were a magazine, I’d rather be mediocre than number one. There are no certainties in this business. The fact of the matter remains that print still has its advantages–and always will.

    We’re focusing too much on the negative. I think it has something to do with journalists being eternal pessimists or something. But there are still plenty of magazines out there–just look at the Meredith success story.

  3. I agree that this is scary. I’ve always believed that “off-shoot” magazines (InStyle Makeover, People StyleWatch, etc.) were the best magazines. They seemed to have fewer ads than the big names and better content. So, I would agree that it is disconcerting that even these specialty magazines are closing.

    I truly believed that the key to getting consumers to stick with print was to cut down on ads. I know it doesn’t make financial sense, but it’s the biggest complaint of most consumers. So, it confuses me that magazines like Vogue, which are brimming with ads, are still afloat while magazines like InStyle Weddings are closing. I guess it goes back to the branding issue…is there no way we can have the best of both worlds?

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