Not Tweeting Could Get You Arrested

I’m not kidding.

This past Friday in Garden City, N. J., a record executive from Def Jam records was arrested for “not tweeting” to the fans of tween pop star Justin Bieber (yeah, I don’t know who this is either) at a mall in the city.  The vice president of Def Jam Records, Bieber’s record label, is charged with endangering the welfare of children and obstructing governmental administration, according to the AP.

Bieber didn’t even show up at the mall, being stopped by police.  Bieber  instead tweeted to his fans, saying:

Picture courtesy of G4TV

We know people have gotten into trouble for saying things on Twitter, and that us journalists need to watch what we say.  But can not tweeting be just as dangerous as tweeting?  Is this case a bit extreme for the situation?


4 responses to “Not Tweeting Could Get You Arrested

  1. Mary Bess Bolling

    I don’t think this is extreme for the situation. Taken out of context, the Def jam exec was arrested for “not tweeting.” But, upon further reading, the police actually arrested him because he didn’t cooperate with their request to tweet to help disperse the crowd. He didn’t realize the power of his tweet, which could’ve prevented some of the five injuries.

    The arrest was just. How many people do you know with iPhones and Blackberries? I’m sure plenty fans had them and would respect their dearest tween star’s order to disperse.

  2. Um, really? This is an interesting story. I’m just depressed because I actually know who Justin Bieber is… Is that terribly sad or what? Lol.

  3. PS, does Bieber’s grammar piss anybody else off or is it just me?

  4. So, Justin got arrested for not telling the crowd to disperse via twitter? How did the police men know that Justin or anyone in the crowd would know he was tweeting that? What if none of them had twitter on their phones? Did the vice president guy get in any trouble? How was he endangering the fans?

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