Black Friday becomes a week-long frenzy

With Thanksgiving barely two days away, stores across the country are prepping for the big day. They aren’t thawing the turkey or planning the arrival of their relatives, but are instead stocking their shelves for the early morning blitz the morning after. Black Friday will soon be upon us, and with it the droves of obsessive shoppers.

Admittedly, I have a love/hate relationship with Black Friday. While my gag reflex kicks in at the very thought of waking up at 2:30 am to fight off frenzied, coffee-wired soccer moms for the last $5 sweater, one of my favorite pastimes with my mom has been to get up around 8 or 9 on Friday, leisurely get ready and drive to the mall, and park ourselves on a bench with a coffee in hand to watch crazed women (and men!) claw at eachother for those early-bird bargains.

But in the last few years, it seems as though stores are stretching this kick-off of the Christmas shopping season to begin earlier and earlier. I just saw a commercial saying that Target will open at 3 am on Friday, and Kohl’s will follow closely at 4. Best Buy plans to hold off the mobs until 5, but will be handing out first-come, first-served tickets at 3 for highly coveted holiday gifts like game consoles and Rock Band.

When I heard on the radio that Jordan Creek will be opening at midnight for shoppers, I thought Ok, that’s a little excessive. Is such an early time really that beneficial? Apparently so. After reading Best Buy’s opening sales, I realized that the tech store has, in fact, already begun the Black Friday sales. They have had electronics, game systems and other merchandise on “Black Friday week” sales since Monday. Black Friday has become a week-long binge of scoring deals for your Christmas list. Don’t hold up Thanksgiving dinner for me, I’ll be at Best Buy picking up a new plasma screen in time for kick-off of the Giants/Broncos game at 8:20.

This phenomenon has got me wondering — where will consumers draw the line in their holiday shopping spree? Can we just start the savings the day after Halloween? That’s when all the stores seem to ditch the black and orange in favor of red and green anyway; why not add a 20% discount to some useless gift stuff while they’re at it? America is so focused on the commercialism of the Christmas season that they are going to drastic measures to find a good deal.

There’s even an app for that. No joke. CNN posted an article today saying that mall map apps on iPhone are gaining popularity as the dreaded date of the 28th approaches. So you can buy that iPhone on “Black Friday” sale on Wednesday, download the mall map app on Thursday, and on Friday be all set to throw fisticuffs for that $20 pair of boots at Dillards. Happy holidays!



5 responses to “Black Friday becomes a week-long frenzy

  1. First of all – did you put the captions on that picture? Because that is hilarious. Black Friday honestly drives me nuts. But maybe that’s because I used to work in retail, and I’ve had experience on the OTHER end – actually having to stand behind a register and make sure these crazy people stay happy at 5am – a daunting task, if you ask me. Although I’ve seen some tempting deals on, I think I’m just going to stay home and relax. Better than getting trampled at 5am, I think.

  2. It’s ridiculous how early people are willing to go shop for such low prices. I’m sorry, but I’d rather get my beauty sleep than fight a bunch of crazed people just to fight over stuff.

    Got a nugget here for seeing stores set up for Black Friday. I was at Walmart (is that the right AP style?) last night, and they already had some items out for Black Friday shoppers. But the only thing protecting these items was saran wrap and a sign saying “These products will not be on sale until Friday, November 27.”

    Oh, yeah. That’s high security, huh?

  3. Recession? What recession?

  4. God, I hate, hate, HATE Black Friday! Talk about ruining a perfectly good holiday. I think that so much of it is commercial anymore. What society needs to do is just slow down for a minute, take a deep breath and enjoy the holiday for what it is–a HOLIDAY!

  5. Ahh Black Friday. It’s a love/hate relationship for me. I love shopping in general, but the pushing and shoving take away all the fun. Then again I’m normally not very good at finding sales so Black Friday makes it easy. What annoys me the most is when stores just put up black friday sales signs to lure you in when everything is really just regularly priced. I went into a boot store and there was a pair of boots with a sign that said new markdown above the price even though it was advertising the same price I paid for them last year. I asked one of the workers and he even told me that it was the regualr price! Why in the world would it say new markdown then? Ridiculous.

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