Augmented Reality… WTF?

I always wanted to work for Esquire. The magazine has great editorial pieces, and over the last couple of years leads the way in integrating digital elements into its magazines. For example, we all remember when Esquire shelled out a lot of money to put Christmas lights on the covers of its magazine for its 75th anniversary. Pretty cool, pointless, but no other magazine was doing that. Well, Esquire is at it again, this time using augmented reality. It’s like a cell-phone application for your magazine. Buy the upcoming issue of Esquire and sign-up for the app on Esquire’s website and you can have Robert Downey Jr. talking to you on your computer. Flip through the pages to the fashion section and the model will come alive on your screen and model the style through the different seasons.

Some people may not see the point in Esquire’s augmented reality issue. There is not much interaction, but in today’s world and with the direction the media is taking in this digital age. Esquire’s innovation sets it apart from the competition. What are your thoughts on this augmented reality application? Do you think Esquire will gain new readership, strengthen brand loyalty, etc? Will you buy this issue and what magazines or newspapers do you see or hope to see follow suit?


5 responses to “Augmented Reality… WTF?

  1. Augmented reality is no doubt the wave of the future. But I tend to look at this in a different kind of way. I see augmented reality as being the wave of the future for ADVERTISING. It’s going to be that one thing that can get advertisers to come back to magazines. Maybe I’m simply an optimist, but one cannot deny the potential for something like this to help us bring back those advertisers who have left us to go online. This is going to be CRAZY once we can integrate this into our ads and it will give us the upper hand that we’ve been looking for. Does anybody else agree??

    • I definitely agree with you two Matt and Emily. Taking chances like this is what magazines need to do to attract the advertisers back. Advertisers don’t want to spend the money, so magazines need to give them reasons why they need to spend the money. I will be getting my copy of Esquire very soon too! I too am very optimistic about the future of magazines especially when there are magazines like Esquire that are thinking outside the box. Are we one step closer to a completely digital magazines, books, newspapers where the people come to life like in Harry Potter?:)

  2. OK. That. Was. Awesome. I would definitely buy the magazine just to give it a try. I agree with you. By doing crazy stuff like this, Esquire is really setting themselves apart from the competition. They’re building a brand people recognize not only for its great content, but also because of all the extra stuff you usually get when you go out and buy a copy. This is so cool!

  3. This is totally boss! I’d love to see more of this. I definitely think this will help Esquire out. They’re clearly innovators, and that’s going to continue making them a successful publication. I wonder what they’ll think of next….

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