iDon’t but Droid Does


Droid has been hailed as the mother of all android phones and the biggest contester to date for the iPhone. Their single commercial parodies Apple’s asthetic style and creates a list of “iDon’ts” that target the faults of the iPhone. So just what is it about the Verizon Droid that has critics on the edge of their seats?

First off, there’s voice search. Perhaps the coolest feature of the Droid, this allows you to search anything on the web simply by saying it aloud. It sure beats typing in a url or search words letter by letter. In fact, starting November 6, Verizon will provide a toll-free number for new owners to call that allows them to control two digital billboards in Times Square. Droid users can simply voice search for practically anything on the internet, and their search results will appear on the billboards.

Other features include a 5 megapixel camera that takes photos in the dark, free turn-by-turn Google Maps 3D navigation, and a real keyboard that works simultaneously with a touch screen. Droid even claims it has interchangeable batteries. Check out more features on their website.

Just one more step in the domination of smart phones over laptops.What do you think? Will the new Droid finally trump the iPhone? How do you think it could change social interaction?


9 responses to “iDon’t but Droid Does

  1. Droid may surpass iPhone, but not for long. Apple will come out with a new iPhone that has all of Droid’s features and then some. I feel like it is part of Apple’s strategy to hold back features. If they made a phone that had all the features they could put in it right now, what would they sell in the future?

    It should be interesting to see the browser though. Non-AT&T users have been stuck using smart phones with inferior browsers.

  2. This phone is really fun. I’m not sure it will change social interaction since smart phones like the iphone have been available to us for several years. I love the idea of a voice search, and the fact that notifications don’t interrupt what you’re already doing. I’ve always liked the iphone, but there are too many apps and features that I would never use. The droid has features that I would use more often. I guess we will just see if it gives Apple a run for its money.

  3. I got a chance to play around with a Droid at the Verizon kiosk at the mall today. I was surprised how plasticy it was. It seems very cheaply made. The browser and voice search were pretty cool though.

  4. First, you forgot to mention one of the Droid’s strengths over iPhone, which is its ability to use open-source programming. This essentially means its about 100 times easier for programmers to create apps for the Droid than for the iPhone, which has a tedious review process before they allow apps into their app store.

    Second, I may be old fashioned, but I’d any day prefer to tote a laptop than a phone, even if they do the same things. I’ve got big hands…those damn small buttons.

    • I’ll be honest, I tried to figure out how open-source programming works but I still have no clue. I wonder what kind of apps will come out of that though. If it’s going to be that much easier to create them, there will also probably be a lot more junk apps. I also don’t understand the difference between apps and widgets, but I suppose that’s a whole other topic.

      I agree, I would much rather have a laptop than my phone for internet access. About the only thing I use the internet on my phone now for is to update twitter. Otherwise, it’s just tedious.

  5. If the Droid is anything like its Website, I refuse to buy it. That whole site is super confusing. I gave up. Apple, on the other hand, has a way of making everything really user friendly.

    I don’t think the Droid will surpass the iPhone. Sure, the voice search is cool, but eventually, Apple will come out with something even better. It always does.

    • I also hated the website. It was cluttered and hard to navigate. Apple has monopolized the market on simple, user-friendly formats. They do seem to always keep improving, and usually it’s because they found a way to make their products even simpler.

  6. Nothing will surpass the iPhone. That being said, I’m kind of excited about this one because I go through Verizon.

    I think it’s really interesting how these phones are such a big thing. And if you can’t get the iPhone, it causes companies to be a little bit more innovative about EVERYTHING–what can we do to produce the NEXT best thing? Because that’s really what it’s all about.

    The most obvious foreseeable problem is that iPhone will come out with a newer version of itself that will inevitably put the Droid to shame. Bummer. Can’t win them all, Verizon. But I hope you keep trying.

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