The prayer of J70

(originally presented by Matt Nelson and Clara Haneberg as part of their presentation on religion in AP style)

The Prayer of J-70:

Our Stylebook created for us

Hallowed be thy grammar

Thy capitalization for Allah

Thy lowercase for gods

On pages 228 as it is through 230

Gives us this day your stylistic laws

And forgive us our errors

As we forgive our writers for their writing sins

Lead us not into failing

Professor Van Wyke’s journalism course

For thine is the holy Scripture of editors

The perfection

And the glorious text

Forever the Stylebook



6 responses to “The prayer of J70

  1. I’m sorry, but just reading this makes me giggle. Being that my father is a pastor, I about peed my pants when I heard them read this. Bravo, and kudos!

  2. Very, very funny guys. Well done.

  3. I think a class field trip to Sunday Mass is in order, you know, for J-70 penance or something.

  4. Amen. Hallelujah.
    …I feel holier already.

  5. This is wonderful. Nice work!

  6. I absolutely love this. This is genius. And funny. Great job, guys!

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