Flash animation innovates web design

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As the internet expands it continues to push us in new directions. As a result, innovation of design and delivery of content is in high demand. Flash animation is one of the ways we see this, both in online advertising and web sites.

These two web sites are a great examples of this innovation: www.zunejourney.net, and wonder-wall.com. They both have an unique way of interacting with the user, while still being extremely well designed.

So, what do you think about these uses of flash animation? How do you think this will affect advertising and the way we interact with web sites? It is exciting to think of the possibilities, but do you think animations will change things in a negative way?


11 responses to “Flash animation innovates web design

  1. I think the use of flash animation is great; it gives a new, exciting angle on otherwise boring and predictable websites.

    As far as changing things negatively, I don’t think that’s possible. The Internet has always been, and I would expect it to continue to be, a place of great creativity and innovation. Flash animation is just a vessel for continuing that tradition.

    • I agree Nate. Flash animation continually improves and ups the ante for advertisers. In my opinion, there is no negative way this technology can effect users.

  2. I think flash animation will most affect advertisements–it’s flashy enough to get someone’s attention, regardless of whether or not they see it as being annoying. I don’t think any of this is especially negative, though; I’d have to agree with Nate.

    • I agree with you both- I don’t particularly think anything negative will come from flash animation on the internet, it can only expand possibilities.

      I think what I meant to suggest by that question was whether or not flash will change the functionality of the web? I don’t necessarily think it will, but just in the spirit of creating a conversation point.

  3. Whoa! I’m pretty much tripping out on these websites. I love it. The only thing is that I find myself not caring at all about the content. I just want to play with the flash.

    That could be one negative: form over function.

    Just like when mag design gets in the way of readability, I think flash runs the same risk on the web if companies don’t pay attention to it. But all in all, it’s good stuff. I like it.

    • That is exactly what I was going to mention! This was especially true for me about Zune’s Website. I just liked seeing how everything looked. I found myself clicking the back button just so I could go back to the main page and keep clicking on stuff to see what happened. I agree that maybe if it was too much, flash could be a major distraction for people on web pages. And if it was too busy, they may get confused and leave the Website altogether.

      • The flash on Zune’s website was a HUGE distraction for me. I left after a few minutes because I couldn’t figure out what was going on (I clicked and held my mouse on the music page like it told me to, and I just got completely distracted by everything that was going happening on the page. It was too much.)

        That’s not to say that I didn’t like the design. However, I agree with Emily and dealincatalina and think that the only negative aspect of such good design is that it can distract the viewer from the original intention of the website. Otherwise, if they can maybe turn down the snazz just a bit, I think it’s a great idea. It brings so much more interactive qualities to the site, and can keep viewers drawn in (unless it’s too complicated, like I mentioned before.)

  4. I think they should’ve taught Flash animation in J59. Maybe a workshop or something? I don’t think there are enough classes like that in the j school, and this would definitely come in handy.

    • I would love to learn flash! I think some web design, html, flash training is necessary for journalism kids. You can add so much to a story if you can make it visual and interactive for your readers.

    • I agree, it would be great to incorporate flash into J59, but it would probably be difficult to fit in. I am in a flash design class for my graphic design major, it is very complicated but it’s been interesting to learn. In the course of a semester only devoted to flash, we are still getting only a basic introduction. Even my professor is still learning about all of the different things flash can do.

  5. Besides taking forever to load the sites, I thought the flash animation was amazing. After navigating around Zune’s site, I almost felt like I was playing a video game. In this aspect, I think the flash animation took away from the company’s main goal–to sell its product.

    I think the new way of advertising will draw more people to visit the site for reasons other than purchasing the product/learning more about the specific goal of the company. It is definitely the future of what is to come in journalism.

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