Dupont’s Social Media

DuPont is a company that is using social media the right way. DuPont uses science to make things like fireproof suits and bulletproof vests – and they have to test this stuff.
Shows like Myth Busters keep a stable audience, and Dupont’s Science Story videos are a lot like the television show. Even though they started sharing their test videos two years ago, and still have a steady audience. Gary Spangler, the E-Marketing leader at DuPont says the average person was spending eight minutes on the site – when they only had five videos average three minutes in length. In other words, people liked the videos and watched more than one.
Spangler says the goal was to target younger audiences who don’t necessarily use traditional media outlets. I think this is a great way to get an otherwise unknown brand in front of young people. A lot of companies try to do this, but not as successfully. I think DuPont found the right videos and used the right platforms.

Hear more at AdAge.

One of the Science Stories:


3 responses to “Dupont’s Social Media

  1. I think, based on the success of shows like ‘Mythbusters’, DuPont’s got a winning gig going. People are inherently curious about their surroundings, and are perpetually looking for ways in which technology can enrich their lives.

  2. The mentioning of how long readers spend on the Web site reminds me of one of the components of technology I find valuable. I think it’s neat that certain Web sites can track where people click on the page, where their mouse lags, how long they spend on a certain page, etc.

    As much as this creeps me out, I think it is a really good tool for analyzing readers and improving a Web site.

    • I agree, it is a little creepy, but helps out with statistics and in the end it helps decide what type of content even goes on the website. So you are more likely to see what you want to see.

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