Are today’s grads unprofessional? Yes, say employers

transparenttransparentWe had a good discussion before break about Generation Y and professionalism. To follow up, Inside HigherEd reports on a new study that says new grads are not as professional as their employers expect them to be.

The traits or behaviors most associated by the respondents with “unprofessionalism” included “appearance, which includes attire, tattoos, and piercings”; “poor communication skills including poor grammar”; “poor work ethic”; and “poor attitude.”


2 responses to “Are today’s grads unprofessional? Yes, say employers

  1. I also found this an interesting bit of information in the study:

    “The most frequently offered recommendations for what colleges should do to develop
    professionalism in students referred to:

    attitude/demeanor (19.7%), internships/hands-on experience (19.0%), develop an understanding of professionalism (17.7%), and
    communication/interpersonal skills (15.6%).

    As seen, not all these recommendations are purely academic.”

  2. I can see a lot of the points made in this article. Obviously employees should have a good attitude about the work they do, and respectful behavior is a no-brainer. I do think they’re being a little hard on some parts of employees’ appearances. It’s not 1950 anymore. Tattoos and piercings don’t make someone a bad employee.

    If it’s been explained in the handbook that tattoos need to be covered and piercings should be removed, then those rules should absolutely be followed. No questions asked, no arguments made.

    On the other hand, I think it’s important that employers consider the difference in values from one generation to the next. We’re getting mixed messages on our end, too.

    Not that long ago Juice featured a story on tattoos and the workplace. According to them, these things are becoming more acceptable. This is one area some employers could be a little more open-minded about.

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