U2 live on YouTube

In yet another example of technology permeating every facet of our lives, the band U2 has announced that they will be streaming their coming performance on Sunday, October 25 at California’s Rose Bowl live via YouTube, says BBC News. According to the band’s website, “It’s the first time a show of this size will be streamed live.” 96,000 fans are expected to be in attendance. One has to wonder how many more will be watching online from the other 15 countries receiving the show.


U2 on tour (Courtesy of Wikipedia)

While this is by no means a groundbreaking technological milestone, having been done before on several occasions by other artists through Youtube, and even by U2 themselves through Microsoft’s MSN, this is not only one of the most sizable live online streaming efforts, but one of the most comprehensive.

The incorporation of Twitter feeds to allow viewers to communicate to one another , as well as opportunities to “donate now” to lead singer Bono’s RED charity, both while simultaneously enjoying the show, mark a more comprehensive, all-inclusive technological experience.

This is a perfect example of what the publishing industry has been trying to accomplish. Globalizing content and making it accessible to everyone, while incorporating all the trendiest technological devices and innovations to promote a brand name and label is precisely where the publishing industry’s future lay.

What other technological breakthroughs can be utilized in coordination with one another to get viewers/readers more involved?


4 responses to “U2 live on YouTube

  1. I can practically hear Jill telling us about how U2 has “still got it” from here, haha.

    My favorite part of this is that the interactive aspect of the concert includes the opportunity to donate to a good cause and not just a “like” option or tweets about that last guitar solo.

    I’ll be really interested in the numbers that come in after this. How many people watched via the web? How many of them were tuning in from other countries? Did a significant number of them contribute funds to Bono’s RED charity?

    If the “donate now” thing works out well, I’m sure it’s something we’ll start to see more of.

  2. Anybody who bothers me Sunday flunks.

  3. I really think that U2 is doing the right thing. Especially in this economy–where a lot of people can’t eve think of purchasing a ticket to a concert right now. I also think that the link to donate to RED is a good interactive way to connect fans to a cause.

    I also remember Professor VanWkye telling us that she will be watching the concert live haha.

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