For once: Good news about magazines

From the Magazine Publishers of America, “tweetable truths” about the vitality of the industry (two-minute video):


3 responses to “For once: Good news about magazines

  1. It is so refreshing to see something positive about the media landscape today. During this video, I literally smiled. Of US adults, 92 percent read magazines — that’s fantastic. Though sometimes I get nervous, I’m so happy I chose my major in magazines.

    Do you think the hype about print media declining has helped magazines adapt before the real problems struck, or do you think their real obstacles haven’t revealed themselves yet? Is anyone else as excited as I am that print is prevailing?

  2. Yay! There’s a future in print after all! I am VERY excited about this. $86 million a week in news stand sales, and we still have Conde Nast shutting down magazines. What’s the deal? Does anyone else think this is a little inconsistent?

    The only explanation I can come up with is the decline in ad dollars. But hey, we’ve still got a good chunk of the media market–92 percent? There’s hope for us yet!

  3. Maybe I should have been a magazines major?

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