Can Apple’s tablet save journalism?

Apple logoNewsweek’s Daniel Lyons writes this week that “Apple’s Tablet Will Reinvent Computing.”

Agreed. But more importantly,  the tablet will reinvent journalism. For the better.

Lyons writes:

Veteran editor Tina Brown, who now runs The Daily Beast, says we are about to enter “a golden age of journalism.” I agree, and I think tablet devices will hurry that along.

He continues:

Here, then, is your new morning newspaper, with videos next to stories and the ability to customize the panes to deliver what you want and leave out what you don’t. This device is also your TV, your stereo, and probably your telephone too. For people like me, who produce content, this change is both great and scary. Great because the techies in Silicon Valley are giving us powerful new tools for telling stories. Scary because the old ways of telling stories are about to become obsolete, and if we cling to them, we’ll be washed away.… I have no idea what the “new news” will look like, but I know it will arrive.…I can’t wait to see what it looks like.”


One response to “Can Apple’s tablet save journalism?

  1. Daniel Lyons’ article gave me a lot of hope for the future of journalism.

    First, on the “old ways of telling stories” link, I agree with Lyons that a government bailout of newspapers would be extremely counterproductive. I agree with many of the authors and experts, from Clay Shirky to Tina Brown, that we need to anticipate new changes instead of holding onto the past. And, I think Lyons brings up the excellent point that more government involvement in the media threatens its legitimacy as an objective server of the public.

    Secondly, I thought Lyons was on target when he mentioned that the shift from print to the Internet closely follows the shift from radio to TV. It began by telling stories the same way on a different medium, but eventually fostered new ways of telling those stories. I think converged media has the potential to really enhance how we share information, but it just needs to be done intentionally. It’s like the first lesson they teach you about photoshop: don’t overuse all of the tools just because you have them. Not all stories will need videos or interactive components; some may still need plain old text. We just need to fit the way of sharing the information to the story, and I think journalism will become more precise and accurate with emerging technology.

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