Is an Apple Tablet worth the risk?

It’s no surprise to anyone savvy enough to use the Internet that journalism is changing faster than you can add Twitter friends. Case in point: magazines with a high subscription rate but low advertisement value were cut just days ago by editors looking for bigger profits.

Only after a recent downsizing of popular magazines like Gourmet, Details, and Elegant Bride, have magazine publishers started to realize they’re all in the same boat.  No publication is safe without readership and advertisements, but successful magazines run the risk of being elminated.

Even Conde Nast is abandoning its “gilded age” for practicality. In August, editors and publishers met with consultants to determine which writers are worth the cost of, say, $10 a word. Many of them weren’t, according to the amount of writers and reporters who were let go. (But I’m betting that most of them didn’t keep up with social media.)

Magazine publishers are starting to realize that they’re all in the same boat. So naturally, they’re banding together in the market. Apple gave millions the iPhone, and now they’re proposing an Apple Tablet, a larger iPhone meant to display magazines’ online content.


Although the Apple Tablet may seem like a dream come true for online and print publishers, one magazine executive voiced his concerns. “We are not interested in doing an Amazing thing or even an Apple thing where they own the data.”

What do you think about the Apple Tablet? Will it improve readership? Will Apple take too much control over the device’s “experience” just because it is Mac? Or is it the saving grace for magazines?


4 responses to “Is an Apple Tablet worth the risk?

  1. My only thing is that if the content is still free online content, then what good will it be doing us as a whole? If our online content is being paid for by our subscribers, then why not? But I tend to agree with the mag exec’s words. It doesn’t sound like it’s going to make much money for us–but it should drive Apple’s market share that much further.

  2. I don’t know about Apple Tablet. In terms of technology, I think it’s pretty cool, but I still want my magazines to be in print. I love flipping through the pages of magazines. I especially love tearing out pages for inspiration. I just really love being able to hold my favorite magazine and flip through the pages. Also, I think if magazines start to go to this format, content is going to focus more on pictures and less on stories. I hate reading text online. I would hate to miss out on great stories just because my eyes can’t stand staring at a bright screen.

  3. I really wouldn’t want to pay for another apple product just so I can take online magazine content with me. I can always read this stuff on my computer at home. Plus, if Apple is going to own the stories, would they charge me to access those stories? If so, I’d much rather look at the same online magazine content for free on my computer.

  4. I’m with Lindsay on this. Although I love my Mac and enjoy all of my Apple products, I really don’t want another one. How big is the screen anyway? As a journalist this makes me nervous-how much extra will I have to pay to get my information out on this gadget, and how does that affect my income and the safety of my published writing? Will Apple sell my soul? Or just find a way to finagle rights to my work?

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