Assignment for Oct. 5 and 6


  • chapters 2 and 3 in Zinsser’s “On Writing Well”
  • chapter 12 in “Working With Words”


  • pronoun case in chapter 3 of “Working With Words,” pages 43-46

Study for quickie online quiz:

  • Tricky words, spelling

Blog your response to:


2 responses to “Assignment for Oct. 5 and 6

  1. “The guidelines Dow Jones put out basically instruct their staffers to be the most boring social-networkers online, to be withholding from their readers, and generally, to guarantee themselves a tiny online following.”

    Of the readings, this sentence resonated most with me by boldly pointing out the flaws in the new rules. Why limit yourself in this robust, ever-growing world of online journalism?

    I see the idea behind the rules Dow Jones created, but they could go about it in a much better way. Journalists, in my opinion, should participate in social media for the benefit of their careers and the people that rely upon them in our democratic society.

  2. Please excuse my comment on the wrong post…

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