kick ass online portfolios [in no particular order]

With social media growing, the expectation of branding ourselves in the online community has become imperative. But your website doesn’t have to just host a resume and some clips. Actually, that’s boring as hell. Here are some non-boring portfolio websites that display work creatively.

jesse willmon:

Picture 1

grid server:

Picture 2

chris woods:

Picture 3
okay dave:

Picture 4


Picture 5

spoon graphics:

Picture 6

mark forrester:

Picture 7

digital mash:

Picture 8

switch mw:

Picture 9

hello monday: 

Picture 10



2 responses to “kick ass online portfolios [in no particular order]

  1. Mary Bess Bolling

    These unique portfolio sites go hand in hand with the panel discussion that my pre-professional workshop (J40) just held. A freelance production assistant turned Web site creator, Andrew Erickson (, encouraged students interested in freelance work to ‘brand yourselves.’ He said this only after encouraging them to settle down in more stable professions. He said he considers intern applicants who have online portfolios more seriously because proof of their professional work is quickly and easily accessible.

    Hearing it from professionals, it’s become more real to me just how important social media is becoming for many professions in communications, like PR and freelance work.

    My question is, Is it important is it for journalists in every field of communication to brand themselves? A creative website is great for a graphic designer, but could it detract from the work of, say, an investigative reporter? Or is there even a difference anymore with the extreme convergence in the industry?

  2. Very rarely is a reporter just a reporter. I think if a website is creative and easy to navigate, it shouldn’t distract a potential employer.

    There is a fine line between absurdly creative it’s overpowering and creative enough to show off your other skills.

    If a journalist is looking for a job, a brand name seems like one of the most important things he or she could do. A company must create a brand for itself before it sells a good or service. And really, as journalists (freelance or not) we are trying to do the same thing.

    There’s so much overlap in the job industry that a reporter could very well end up shooting movies and audio. The best way to show off these digital skills: a website.

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