New Facebook for Slow Internet Users or those tired of clutter

Facebook launched last week a “lite” edition for users with slow connection speeds or people who are sick of all the “crap” that has evolved. It’s currently only offered in the U.S. and India.

Check out the slide show on from PC World:


5 responses to “New Facebook for Slow Internet Users or those tired of clutter

  1. To me, this looks great! I’ve been bothered for awhile about the clutter and messy bustle that Facebook has become. I feel like this can be a big danger in many different forms of online media. When any page, Facebook or otherwise, gets too overstimulating and too busy, I’m apt to leave it. I, and I believe many others, prefer a clean and simple interface.

    We learn about it all the time in my art and design classes- simplicity is key.

    Do you think this may ever become an issue with online news sources? Will they ever feel the need to launch a “lite”?

    • I like your question. I’m often annoyed by the clutter on news sites. They want to bombard you with information, but it’s kind of overwhelming. I never know what to read first. And then when I’m looking for something specific, it’s hard to find.

      I think I would definitely like reading news online more if the interfaces were simpler.

  2. In response to aschnoebelen’s comment, I think that news sources have done something to that effect by providing news updates that send directly to your desktop as applications. You can actually customize the news you want to hear about.

    The thing that struck me as funny about the facebook lite concept is that, while i really do like the concept of simplifying things, and I hate how facebook has developed, I don’t know that I’d shift to using the new interface. As much as I love simplicity, I also hate change.

  3. I agree. I am really starting to get annoyed with all of the different applications that people are getting on Facebook. For awhile, it was just bumper sticker. Those were really funny at first, but now they’re just annoying. And now there’s all of the quizes and different games people can play. I am so sick of getting invited to join in. Sometimes you can’t even see a person’s wall because of all the stuff they have up.

  4. I’m with Nate. I hate change. Every time facebook goes through a redesign, I have a mini internal tantrum. “just leave it alone!”

    This lite version looks a lot like the facebook mobile version. Which, is utterly useless unless you’re strictly a creeper. I guess I just don’t mind the clutter that has become facebook.

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