Long Live Print Journalism!

death print media

Alright, so about that picture (above)…

Sitting in my room surrounded by the October issues of all my favorite magazines, Elle, Glamour and Instyle, it hurts my stomach to think that they may not be here ten years from now. You see, I’m a print girl. I love everything about my print magazines. I love their longevity, silky covers, and how the words just roll off the page. From a writer’s perspective, I love being able to hold a copy of DrakeMag and to say “I did this.” 

It is these for these very reasons, that I am fearful and in denial of what is to come in the print media industry.  The first, (or maybe fifth) stage, is already upon us.  I mean we love instant gratification, and I’m including myself in this one.  After a writer spends so much time on a story and it finally gets published, it may be “old news.”  Twitter, blogging, video uploading, or any online updates in general are stealing print media’s shine–big time. And then there is the phrase that “print is not dead, print is where words go to die.”  This can be plainly summarized in the 2009 report on American journalism on The State of the News Media.  And just when you think there’s nowhere to go but up, it’s only going to get worse for print journalism I am afraid.  

A quote from journalism.org states: “By various measures, the number of people who began to rely on the Web as a regular or even their main news source appeared to jump.  For national and international news, according to survey data, the Web surpassed all other media except for television as a destination.”

So is the rumor true, is there really a 10 year lifespan left for my beloved print media?  Wait, actually make that nine years.  Or, will print media find more and better ways to leech onto their dying audience? Of course those diehard print media fans, (like myself,) will not let magazines and newspapers crash and burn so easily. One thing is for sure, even if print media passes the torch to online media, journalism will live forever–I have no doubt in my mind.


2 responses to “Long Live Print Journalism!

  1. I wholeheartedly agree, Clara!!! Don’t let print die!

    My parents get so excited with their Kindles and all that, but for me, it just doesn’t cut it. I like to have the concrete book in my hands to read. I like to be the one to “take away a publication’s virginity”–you know what I mean. Crack the spine, wear it out a little bit, actually USE the damn thing and get something out of it. With everything going electronic (print, books, etc.), it makes it that much harder to have something “solid” in your hands. For some reason, it doesn’t seem real unless you have that magazine, that book, that newspaper physically in your hands.

    That being said, I’m ready for the digital conversion. If print goes away, then I guess we will all have to adapt. It’s going to be a strange transition, but you can’t win ’em all. And, quite frankly, Clara–I don’t think we’re going to win this one!

  2. I’ve gotta say i love your description of “cracking the magazine’s spine,” I have never really realized how much I love being the first one to browse a publication.

    Oh, and as far as Kindles go–not the same. I set my uncle’s new Kindle up over the summer and gave it an honest chance to win me over, but I was disappointed and once again would rather turn the pages myself, than push a button. I feel like you may be a little more accepting than I am as far as the digital conversion goes, but I am warming up to the idea every day. But in my book, print media can’t be beat.

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