Mike Huckabee, please shut up

Mike Huckabee, the former Governor of Arkansas and Republican presidential candidate, complained to Politico Tuesday that journalism is dead in America.  Huckabee’s outrage came several weeks after much of the national media scolded him for remarks made on his radio show regarding the potential fate of Sen. Ted Kennedy under the proposed Obama healthcare plan.

Former Arkansas Gov. Mike Huckabee

Former Arkansas Gov. Mike Huckabee

In his interview, Huckabee claimed that journalists today rely on “spin-doctor spoon feeding,” and that they rarely go directly to the source for quotes.  He even went as far as to accuse Newsweek of fabricating quotes.

Poor Huck. Right? Not really.

The truth of the matter is that Newsweek’s quotes contain the exact wording from the Aug. 27 edition of “The Huckabee Report”.  Don’t believe it?  \”The Huckabee Report\” from Aug. 27

Huckabee has also complained that his statements about Kennedy and health care were taken out of context by the media.  He defended his comments on his weekly television show, “Huckabee”, which airs on Fox News.  During the program, Huckabee used footage from a June 23 ABC town hall meeting with President Obama.  In the footage Obama tells Jane Sturm, the daughter and primary caregiver to her 105-year-old mother, that in some cases the best option for our nation’s elderly may be to set aside surgeries with little chance of success.  Huckabee associated the President’s remarks with the death panel accusations that Republicans have made throughout the ongoing healthcare debate.

What Huckabee does not take into consideration, is that he too is part of the media, and that he too takes quotes out of context.  Huckabee’s show left out vital portions of Obama’s conversation that put the Sturm comment in context.  Obama did not coldheartedly tell Sturm to let her elderly mother die.  Obama said, “ultimately [end of life decisions] are going to be between physicians and patients.”

Nearing end of life surgeries are simply health care costs that President Obama wants patients and doctors to consider.  Obama never told Sturm’s mother to “give up on life, and go home to take pain pills, and die,” the way that Huckabee had described “Obamacare” in his radio show regarding Sen. Kennedy.  Obama simply told Sturm that Americans need to weigh the cost-benefits of some operations.

Face it Huck, you’re part of the same media problem that you denounce.  Keep spinning ‘em Huck!


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