Are European journalists better at adapting than we are?

Everyone knows America was built on brain-power and originality. Today, increasing workloads produced by the social revolution keep aspiring U.S. journalists on top of their own ever-changing game. But Europe isn’t far behind. A PR agency recently polled over three hundred journalists from France, Germany, Spain, and the UK working in different forms of media. Less than half of them said they were producing at least 60 percent of original content for their Web sites. But 67 percent of them attributed most of their knowledge of digital skill to learning it themselves. guardian_logo

And if Europe is experiencing the downward slump in overall media decline that we are, they certain aren’t showing it. Only 21 percent of those journalists reported decreased quality in their work due to job changes, and 84 percent are happy with the job they have. How many US journalists can say that?


UK newspapers are also nowhere near our dwindling numbers. The Guardian and The Telegraph are just as up to date with other magazine’s websites. Currently, The Guardian offers free upgrades to a three night luxe visit to Paris, a healthy eating club, and a mobile giveaway by Orange phone.

How do you feel about Europe one-upping the U.S. in media? Do you think it will happen or is it already happening? Why do you think they appear so far ahead of us in statistics?


2 responses to “Are European journalists better at adapting than we are?

  1. But how does this compare to responses from American journalists? How many US journalists really can say they’re happy with their jobs? I’d like to know.

    Also, I guess I don’t get the part about the Guardian and the Telegraph. What do vacation upgrades and phone giveaways have to do with quality (or flourishing) journalism?

  2. I’m just impressed with the large percentage that are teaching themselves. We keep learning all about how future journalists need to be flexible and able to adapt to new technology. Here our J70 class complained our way out of having to make our own blogs, while the Brits are out learning the ins and outs of wordpress solo.

    I would be interested in knowing the corresponding American statistics about job satisfaction as well, especially since print media has taken so many hard hits lately. Do the thousands of folks laid off in the past couple years regret their career choice now? Or maybe they’ve just moved to Europe and reinvented themselves…

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