Google going (more) global

google logoSearch engine, maps, news, shopping, email, calendar. It even has its own dictionary entry. In our world, Google is synonymous with quick results, but Google’s prevalence is even bigger—and growing—internationally.

A Monday morning New York Times article reported that American Internet users spend 9 percent of their time online on some Google service, according to digital marketing intelligence platform comScore.

Although this is striking, it is even more notable that in India, 29 percent of Internet users’ online time is spent on a Google service; in Brazil, 30 percent.

Andrew Lipsman of comScore says part of the reason Google is so successful in these countries is because they were in the right place at the right time: just as their respective online markets were developing.

The bottom line is that growth anywhere is good for Google. If it keeps growing abroad, it should continue to enjoy success here as well.

As a part of this class, we were all required to obtain a Google Reader account. Requirements aside, what Google services do you use? Why do you like Google, or do you think it is overrated? Why do you think it continues to remain so far ahead of the search engine pack?


3 responses to “Google going (more) global

  1. I use gmail and I love it! When I first came to Drake I had no idea what gmail was. I also had three different accounts I had to log in to in order to check all me email. I’m so glad I have a gmail account. Now email from all of my accounts goes to one inbox with one password, (so much nicer.) I can’t imagine the numbers of emails I would read too late if I was still hopping from one email address to the next.

  2. I have 2 Gmail accounts. I doodle on Youtube daily. I have Blogger’s blogs. I’m forced to use Google Reader. I have Picasa account. I have iGoogle. I used to mess around with Google Chrome (Oh, the PC days).

    I think part of what makes Google so popular is the convenience it creates. Like Lindsay said, you don’t have to log in ten thousand times to use ten thousand applications. Also, it’s free. It’s easy. And it’s effective. And Google doesn’t limit itself to the U.S. or the “developed” world. It develops with the whole world in mind, indiscriminately. That’s why people in Ethiopia can use Google as effectively as people in Great Britain. Even some Star Trek followers are accommodated on Google with the choice to search in the language of theirs. I mean, do other search engines think of this when they first came out? I don’t believe so.

  3. Just as an interesting side note–Google’s paired up with the folks from Monopoly for a new version of the game. Supposedly players will be given a set amount of fake cash to purchase properties across the globe. They’re using Google Maps. Chya. Somehow I’m picturing Mr. MaGoogle with a popped collar saying, “Yeah. I’m kind of a big deal…”

    I like Google for the most part. I enjoy Google Maps, Reader, Books, etc., but what I hate is the amount of unreliable information that comes from the searches. I mean, seriously? The company’s pretty well off. Isn’t there someone moderating this stuff? SEO is also kind of tricky. I’d like to learn more about that in the future.

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