Facebook Status Tagging

Today, Facebook added a new way of tagging. Users are now able to use tags within their statuses. As the number of social network sites grow, Facebook must have also thought there’s always room for improvement. This new feature can be used to tag your friends, groups, applications, pages, etc.

But what’s the point? Well, it’s all about staying connected. Now being more similar to Twitter, Facebook users have an easier way of connecting themselves to others. Say you’ve just updated your blog and you want to let some people know… Well, update your Facebook status with your blog’s URL and tag away. The people you tag will get notifications and will most likely be more inclined to check out your blog.

How’s it work? When you are typing in a new status, include ‘@’ and begin entering the name of whatever you’d like to tag. A drop-down menu will appear and you’ll be able to select what/who you’d like to tag. Additionally, you can tag multiple friends, groups, applications, pages, etc in one status.

Want to know more? Check out the ABC Action News online article as well as Facebook’s blog.

What do you think? Will you use this new Facebook feature to promote your stories, blogs, etc?


6 responses to “Facebook Status Tagging

  1. Whoa! I just tried it out. Weird (but cool…) I haven’t seen anyone else tagging yet so I wonder how long it’ll take to catch on. Or even if it will.

  2. Awesome. Awesome. Awesome.
    I just used this!
    I think it’s strange because the name of whoever you tag is in your status, and it would be nicer if his/her name didn’t interrupt/distract from your status, but…
    it’s not bad for the first version.

  3. I would definitely use this to get the word out about my blogs and stories.
    Now instead of posting on everyone’s wall individually, I can just make sure everyone I want to hear about it, gets a notification.

  4. Forget the days when Facebook was just a way to find old classmates and share photos of family vacation. All the features and applications being added to sites like Facebook and Twitter are nice and great for users (for the most part that is, I don’t always care about “What 1920s Pin-Up Girl R U?” and the like). However, one really important question has yet to be answered,:
    When will these sites start to make money?

    The new feature that helps Twitter and the like begin to generate massive revenue will the most innovative of all.

  5. I tagged two people, saying thanks in advance for being my guinea pigs. Both of them responded with some form of “This is weird,” or “I hate you.”

    I wonder if there will be a backlash against this? What if the people you tag hate being solicited by their friends all the time?

  6. I think this is one example of why Google Wave might be successful. Facebook is integrating elements of Twitter into its programming so that people can get on Facebook and enjoy the benefits of Twitter. Google Wave is doing something similar, but on a much larger scale. Google Wave is combining elements of tons of social media sights and putting it all in one place. I would love to finally have one username and one password for everything. To be honest, sometimes I don’t visit those other sights just because I can’t remember the information I need to log in.

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