Facebook and the Job Search

Does social media have consequences for individuals that are a little too social?

College students often use social media tools, especially Facebook, as platforms to show who they are and what is going on in their lives. Not a professional tool for those individuals, Facebook is instead a trove of pictures documenting situations far beyond “business casual.”

No matter how perfect your technique, employers that peruse undergrads’ profiles are not impressed by beer bongs. What opportunities could you miss out on because of your (possibly embarrassing) Facebook page?

View this slideshow about social media dangers for job seekers. How do you measure up?

Though college students and 20-somethings are getting in trouble, that doesn’t mean you will with the proper precautions. Explore the account and privacy settings to select the right amount of Facebook privacy for you.

Picture 8

What other social networking sites similar to Facebook do you use? Are you on LinkedIn? Do you think there will be a new “next big thing”?


3 responses to “Facebook and the Job Search

  1. Well, I’m off to triple check all my facebook privacy settings…
    A couple years ago, when more and more adult relatives and former teachers started to get in on the facebook trend, I began monitoring my profile a little more closely. Only certain people can see tagged pictures of me, my information and quotes are PG rated, and I think twice about what I put up as my status. While this seems to be working fairly well (this summer I accepted a friend request from a priest from my hometown), I’m well aware that when I really start to job search I’ll have to go through an even more intense cleansing process. I think I’ll probably become a LOT more restrictive on my facebook account and utilize things like Twitter, LinkedIn and blogs for professional use.

  2. Whenever I read or hear about employers looking at the Facebook pages of potential job candidates, I think back to my J40 class I took last year. A guest speaker came in and gave us a quiz. The first question was whether or not we would let her pull up our Facebook pages in front of the class. Out of the entire class, I think only five or six said yes. These were the only people she said she would hire. She wouldn’t hire interns if their Facebook pages weren’t appropriate.

    • Sorry one more thing I forgot to add. In the job market that exists today, it would really stink not to get the job just because your Facebook page included a picture of you shotgunning a beer. Seriously, Facebook doesn’t even seem worth it sometimes.

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