Joe Wilson overshadows President’s speech

Joe Wilson--"Boo!"

Joe Wilson--"Boo!"

While I realize I’m probably jumping on some kind of bandwagon just by blogging about this, I’m royally ticked at Republican Joe Wilson. It amazes me to think that someone would shout out during a presidential speech–especially one of such importance as health care reform–and tell the president of the United States that he’s a liar. Where’s the honor? Where’s the dignity? Where’s the respect?

What’s worse is that while most of the media should have been focused on President Obama’s mission of health care reform, all eyes have been turned to Joe Wilson. When much of the public is still attempting to wholly understand the president’s health care plan, comments like Wilson’s “You lie!” create exactly the kinds of distractions that we as a people don’t need right now.

Which brings me to an interesting point. Anytime a U.S. representative disrupts a presidential speech in such a way as Wilson, it’s news. But is the media focusing too much on Wilson’s outburst? Is the media’s focus taking away from the real issue at hand? And what kind of effect is this going to have on President Obama’s health care plan in the future? Things to think about, future journalists of the world…


3 responses to “Joe Wilson overshadows President’s speech

  1. I couldn’t watch the speech, but watched the news coverage late last night. After watching for about an hour on various channels (Fox, CNN, MSNBC mainly), I had no idea what the president said in his speech. All the coverage focused on Wilson’s outburst. I finally gave up and went to my ol’ reliable “print” media:,,

  2. P.S. This dust-up does make me wish Stewart and Colbert were back from vacation….

  3. I get the majority of my news from BBC – I just find it less biased regarding events that take place here in the U.S. (CNN has a less than subtle way of injecting their own opinions into their news coverage)

    That being said, I realized with this whole fiasco that the BBC never even mentioned it, despite having a story relating what Obama’s healthcare plans were all about.

    I guess it goes to show that you can have both extremes – an utter fixation on this mishap, or the absolute omission of said incident.

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