Multimedia used to show triumphs in the labor market

Multimedia journalism is able to give a personal touch to people’s stories in a powerful way. NPR has taken a commonly reported issue and shown it in different light.

By using photography and voices, NPR illustrates the way three people are finding work after struggles, and others who are continuing their passions. Look through this multimedia feature to watch their personal accounts and get to know a humble group of the employed.

This multimedia feature is paired with a text story, “Signs of life in the labor market”.  Is this paring effective with the multimedia feature? What does the multimedia aspect give to this piece that couldn’t be accomplished without it? For more examples of effective multimedia journalism, look through NPR’s other features, or check out the selections in The New York Times, National Geographic.


3 responses to “Multimedia used to show triumphs in the labor market

  1. At first, I enjoyed this article because of the content. It’s great to hear about job creation while the general public believes this is barely happening.

    However, the multimedia portion at the top that I explored second made it more “real.” It made it more relatable. The audio and photography added a dimension I just can’t get with print.

    Particularly inspiring was Domonique Taylor, an individual with significant obstacles to overcome that found a job in today’s economy.

    The realm of journalism relates to this, especially new journalists. Our education is preparing us to be able to do every media-related job asked of us, and learn how to do it quickly. Flexibility is the name of the game, according to the article, and our field’s varying necessary skills makes us chameleon-like; we can fit anywhere.

  2. These are lovely stories. The slideshows hit the trifecta: great photography, great audio, great writing.

    The auctioneer and the nurse-midwife stories are splendid examples of writing to the picture.

    Thanks for flagging these. I’d missed them over the holiday weekend.

  3. Anytime you can pair up slideshows that have good photographs and audio along with a story, it’s going to create new elements to the essence of storytelling.

    Slideshows are an easy way to tell a story. NPR has done a good job here and it helps to supplement the article as well.

    I feel that to be a good journalist, one of the key things anyone should know is how to put together a good slideshow/video/etc. The great thing is that it’s easy to learn and adds whole new dimensions to your story(ies).

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